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High Quality Voice calls at very low rates from Nymgo

Transfer money to any of my bank account given below and email money transfer details to my email:


10$ = 640 INR

50$ = 3175  INR

100$ = 6350  INR

If u want nymgo credits , i can give to u at very low price.

It wil be benificial than purchase through credit and debit cards.

Payment method

Transfer money to any of my bank account given below and email money transfer details and send USER ID to my email: darwin.india1@gmail.com
After receiving the payment you will get the Nymgo credits immediately. 

Please include following details in the email:
1. The name of the bank to which the money has been transferred.
2. Transfer reference number. 
(When doing online transfer put your name in the remark column, to easy identification of your payment)
3. If you want direct recharge then mention your USER ID

Contact Details:

Moblile:  +91 9443112038

I am ready to help at any time regarding nymgo.